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What is the water inlet solenoid valve?

Subordinate Classification:Industry NewsRelease Time:2018-11-29

    Influent solenoid valve is in third place in the water purifier The filter element outlet is normally closed when the machine is not working, that is, the water cannot pass through the water inlet solenoid valve (when the power is not supplied, the solenoid valve coil does not generate magnetic force, the valve core cannot be sucked up, and the water cannot pass. On the contrary, in the energized state, the coil generates a magnetic force, the spool is sucked up by the magnetic force, and the water can pass through. That is to say, in the stopped state, there is no water in front of the solenoid valve before the booster pump, when the water purifier is energized, The water solenoid valve opens and water can pass.

    If the inlet solenoid valve is faulty, the phenomenon is that the booster pump and the fourth-stage filter have no water when the power is on. If the machine stops, check whether the water solenoid valve can shut off the water. If not, replace the water inlet solenoid valve.

    The solenoid valve is normally closed before the machine is energized. The water cannot pass the solenoid valve. Therefore, after the reverse osmosis water purifier is not working, there is no water state. If the booster pump enters Water is found in the nozzle, indicating that the solenoid valve has been damaged. When the reverse osmosis water purifier is energized, the solenoid valve coil generates a magnetic force, so that the solenoid valve spool is opened, so that water can flow through the booster pump through the solenoid valve. If there is no water solenoid valve damage at the inlet of the booster pump during power-on, it may be one of the reasons.