Rope switch

Tear rope switch

Product Description

Environmental temperature  -30°C~+60°C Relative Humidity   no more than 85% 
Working voltage  AC 220V Contact Capacity  380V 5A
Number of contacts  2 groups Z- 15GW22-B type micro switch Product Style  handle
Activity  5KG reliability  >106< /strong>
Protection level  IP65 Reference Weight


      In the conveyor belt due to tearing, puncture, junction damage or sharp objects When protruding, the tear switch can provide an alarm signal to the monitor or shut down the conveyor. The tear-off switches are mounted in pairs on either side of the conveyor belt and are connected by a pair of aviation ropes with two armor jackets. One end of the aviation wire rope is fixed on the support bracket; the other end is connected to the pull ring of the tear switch, and the two sections of the aviation wire rope form a monitoring surface under the conveyor belt, when the object or the torn belt is suspended and swept down to the aviation wire rope When the air rope pulls the tear switch pull ring to make it act, the tear switch sends an alarm signal or a stop signal.


1) The switch is balanced on the rack mount bracket.
2) Install the switch on both sides of the tape in pairs, and connect the two switch tabs with a wire rope,< /strong>

and use a lifting ring to make the wire rope run parallel to the tape.

3) The drawstring action should be appropriate to ensure a reliable reset of the switch.
4) A tape can be installed with multiple pairs of switches.
5) Mounting bracket is not provided with the switch, need another buy.