Underspeed switch

Underspeed switch-II

Product Description

ZGQS-L-23P zero speed switch

The switch is a simple and universal monitoring device for economical, reliable, shaft speed and other rotating devices. When the current speed signal is detected to be lower or higher than the normal speed range, the switch outputs two sets of switching signals for alarm or Stop. No moving parts, no wear, long safety life, integrated structure, centralized control, simple setting or troubleshooting. The housing is waterproof and dust-proof. The two-bolt fixed housing can be directly installed in harsh environments.

First, technical parameters:

Power supply voltage: AC220V Detection range: 0.5m/s to 9.99m/s

Pulse: 6 ~ 120Hz speed: 0 ~ 999 rev / min

Boot delay: 10 seconds Switch and target distance: 10 ~ 20mm

Number of switches: 1 group normally open 1 group normally closed

Contact capacity: 24 ~ 380V AC / DC current 1A

Detection indicator: When the speed range is within the set range, the relay output, the LED is bright to help detect the sensor or check the wiring failure.

      The non-contact under-speed switch is a low-cost, high-reliability, simple and versatile inspection device for shaft speeds and other rotating devices. It is placed in a weatherproof, sealed, corrosion-resistant enclosure that allows exposure to harsh environments.

     Second, its advantages are:

1) Non-contact proximity detector, long service life and low maintenance cost;
2) Two bolts are fixed to ensure easy installation;
3) Integrated structure, centralized control device, setting or troubleshooting;
4) No moving parts, no wear, long life and long life

 Can replace Ramsey 60-23P type underspeed switch

      Third, the external dimensions:

     四、Panel operation instructions