Rope switch

Automatic drawstring

Product Description

Environmental temperature  -30°C~+60°C Relative Humidity   no more than 85% 
Working voltage  AC 220V Contact Capacity  24~380V AC/DC current: 1:5A
Limited angles  70° Number of contacts  1Normally open 1 normally closed (customizable)
Activity  10KG reliability  >106< /strong>
Protection level  IP65 Reference Weight


       Two-way rope switch is mainly used for emergency stop when the conveyor is in an accident, when the tape is transportedWhen an emergency occurs in the field, the system can be pulled Wire rope on both sides of the conveyor, The slider inside the machine controls the internal micro switch action, sends a stop or alarm signal; releases the wireAutomatic reset after the rope, the switch can be automatically reset, and the stop signal disappears.
Two-way rope switch internal micro switch Can be connected to normally open or normally closed according to actual needs合.

Appearance Size:


1) The switch is smoothly mounted on the rack mount bracket.
2) Attach the wire rope to the ends of the pull ring, each side of the rope is no more than 40 meters long (slope should be reduced) >

  is 25 meters short)
3) The pulling action should be appropriate to ensure a reliable reset of the switch.
4) The wire rope is placed along the parallel direction of the tape, and a ring is added every 10 meters.
5) Mounting bracket does not come with the switch, need another buy.