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  • The underspeed switch is a highly reliable monitoring device that is simple and versatile for shaft speed and other rotating devices. When the current speed signal is detected to be lower than the normal speed range, the switch output switch signal is used for alarm or shutdown.

  • The drawstring switch is divided into manual reset and automatic reset, and needs to meet the national IP rating.

  • The position of the water inlet solenoid valve in the water purifier is at the third stage filter outlet. When the machine is not working, it is normally closed, that is, the water cannot pass through the water inlet solenoid valve (when not energized)

  • Daily maintenance is also very important when using the drawstring switch. If you don't use the rope switch or do not maintain it in the right way, it is likely to shorten its service life. So what are the steps for proper maintenance of the rope switch?

  • Do you know the example is how the smoke detector alarm works? It may not be very well understood, or it is strange to hear the word.

  • In the process of using the solenoid valve, have you ever encountered a situation in which the solenoid valve does not work? When this happens again, everyone knows what caused it?

  • When purchasing any of the same items, we all hope that the items we choose are content and suitable for our needs. Then the same is true when purchasing solenoid valves. We all hope that the solenoid valves we have chosen are all suitable.

  • We often come into contact with the switch during normal life, so do you know about the limit switch? You may hear it as if you don't feel like it, or you don't understand it at all. In fact, in life, we will use it.