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Maintenance steps for the rope switch

Subordinate Classification:Industry NewsRelease Time:2018-11-29

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              When using the drawstring switch, daily maintenance is also very important. If you don't use the rope switch or do not maintain it in the right way, it is likely to shorten its service life. So what are the steps for proper maintenance of the rope switch? Let’s take a look.

              1. Make sure the switch wiring is tight.

              2. Check for looseness and lack of bolts on the outside of the drawstring switch.

              3. Check if the rope switch action is still normal, whether it meets the technical standards, if not, you need to replace the new switch.

              4. Pull rope switch finish, whether there is paint, erosion and other phenomena. If it should be cleaned and repainted.

              5. Check the nameplate of the tension switch for clarity and completeness.

              6. Make sure the tension switch cable is intact.

              7. Check the seal of the tension switch is intact, whether there is water, moisture, erosion and other phenomena inside.

              8. Check the dust around the rope switch for proper dust and seal at the electrical interface.

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