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Product Description

product manual:

        The voice sound and light alarm is a new product developed by our technicians based on the needs of the users. It is a new product developed on the basis of the original four kinds of alarms. It is better for the coal mine system start, railway crossing and large equipment walking alarm. Its advantages include voice, sound and light, and can be directly connected to the AC 220V power supply, changing the original only sound or only light defects.

This product has six voices and one alarm bell for users to use on site. Voice content:
1. Please pay attention to the belt start;
2, pay attention to someone getting on and off;
3. Please pay attention to the equipment startup;
4, pay attention to some work on the car;
5, hello, please pay attention to safety;
6. Please pay attention when the train arrives;
7, directly provide the alarm sound.

Order more than 50 units at a time to record voices according to customer needs

 The alarm is equipped with a voice adjustment switch and a volume adjustment switch to work normally in harsh environments.

 Parameters (customized according to customer requirements)
Power supply voltage: 220V/AC or 26V/AC, 48V/AC, etc.
Power: 100, 80, 60, 30, 20W
Current: 3A
Voice prompt: adjustable (clockwise)
Volume: Adjustable (clockwise)

 Maintenance and maintenance:

1. Regularly remove dust and check the working status at the beginning;
2. When the temperature is low, it should be dripped in the rotating part;
3, the failure should be professional repair

physical dimension: